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The lava lamp fatwa



Yesterday we told you about the Department of Homeland Security's decision to cut funding to New York because, according to their formulation, the city has no "landmarks or icons."

Now, via DailyKos, we have some examples of the kinds of landmarks and icons that the Bush Administration finds particularly worthy of protection -- along with the dollar amounts they will receive to keep the terrorists at bay.

Alexandria, Indiana: The World's Largest Ball of Paint ($12 million)
Niland, California: Salvation Mountain ($16 million)
Alamo Heights, Texas: Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum ($10 million)
Dedham, Massachusetts: The Museum of Bad Art ($31 million)
Key West, Florida: The Chicken Store ($7.5 million)
Alliance, Nebraska: Carhenge ($25 million)
Soap Lake, Washington: The Giant Lava Lamp ($143 million)

This is funny when you read it the first time.

Then you think about it, and you wonder whether DHS is truly interested in protecting us at all.

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