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Let the fireworks renew



Might as well have a separate thread on the Dem. lt. gov. runoff, just for the zanies. We still think Bill Halter had some expectation that his bullion would buy him an outright victory. And, while we recognize the significant field work done by likely challenger Tim Wooldridge and the existence of some grassroots support missing from the Halter mostly-media effort, we think Halter's 40 percent looks better in a runoff against Wooldridge.


This is a Democratic runoff, the most committed of Democratic voters. Tim Wooldridge's voting record would be more at home in the Republican primary and not just his lamentable bill in support of public hanging. See the Family Council questionnaire, as readers have noted previously. Pulaski County's big vote is critical. Halter had 55 percent yesterday. Look for him to top 60 once left-of-center Pulaski Democratic voters get a gander at Wooldridge's survey answers, not to mention his support of Lake Maumelle polluters.

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