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Korean gate to welcome visitors to LR



The Little Rock Bureau of Convention and Visitors announces that work has begun on a $1 million (yes $1 million) garden on the east side of the Statehouse Convention Center, a memorial to H.U. Lee, the Korean taekwondo master who located in Little Rock and brings thousands and thousands of taekwondo practitioners to LR for a convention each year. LRCVB pitched in $15,000 to start the work. Private money, mostly from taekwondo sources, is expected to pay for most of the work. From the news release:

The garden will include an elaborate South Korean-carved wooden and tile gate, approximately 27 feet wide and 20 feet tall, and a nine-foot tall fountain and pool. Construction on this new attraction should be completed by summer 2007. Plants in the garden will be representative of foliage native to Korea . ...

Most of the gate was hand-carved in South Korea , and it is being sent to Little Rock in five separate shipments. A team of South Korean artisans will arrive in Little Rock in mid-June to begin the 45-day job of erecting the gate on site.

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