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The telephone scandal



Death By Inches, the prolific Ark. Blog reader, let us down on coverage of Laura Bush's recent visit to Fort Smith, but he makes up for it today by this post on the Bush administration snooping into the telephone records:

Here is what AT&T sent back after I asked them why they were giving my phone records to Bush:

Thank you for your recent email.

Rest assured, we take customer privacy very seriously.  Furthermore, AT&T follows all laws with respect to assistance provided to government agencies.  However, we're not in a position to comment on matters of national security.

Thank you for choosing the new AT&T - the culmination of AT&T's passion to invent and SBC's drive to deliver. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty. Check out the new AT&T at

I think the next time a cop stops me, no matter what he thinks I've done, I'm going to tell him the same line of bullshit. Rest assured officer....yeah right....can one blog from jail?  Hope Bush gets to find out soon.  Our country is coming apart, put on your safety vest and form a single line please.

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