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Huckansas -- UPDATE



There's the Mike and Janet Huckabee Lake in Hope. His-n-her nature centers. Buildings at OBU and the Arkansas School for the Blind named for him.











Now a new enshrinement is scheduled. Alice Stewart, the governor's press secretary, sent notice to some in the media (not us), of a news conference at 1 p.m. today to name the Grand Hall at the Governor's Mansion for Janet Huckabee (the photo is on an earlier occasion in the Grand Hall).

For the record: We learned of this event because of a friend in the media. The news conference was not posted on the governor's website as we wrote this item. (unless there's a secret cranny other than the calendar or news release listing where it might appear). On our recent FOI requests for material sent to the press in general but not us, the office typically posted them after we'd given an indication we'd learned about them through other means. Not this one. See you at the Mansion.

PS -- The Times had reported earlier that this honor was decided by the Mansion Association, which works to improve the facility, in honor of the First Lady's work on the home and grounds.

UPDATE: We went to the news conference, we were admitted and Mrs. Huckabee was gracious. She said the naming was a surprise to her. Cordial, too, was her son, John Mark Huckabee, back in town after a five-month writing fellowship with a stack of scripts he hopes to develop for the screen. Alice Stewart also spoke. But, alas, no offers were made to restore the Arkansas Times to the notice list for such events.

And we almost forgot. Shades of The Kingfish and his all-comers receptions in the golden days of Louisiana. A "statewide reception" is scheduled at the Grand Hall from 2 to 5 p.m. Oct. 8 honoring Mrs. Huckabee. Everyone is invited. Don Bingham is going to have his hands full making crudites.

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