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Banks goes negative



Republicans are buzzing about a new round of attack ads Chuck Banks has launched on Jim Holt in the race for lt. gov. If we can ever find a link to the sound file, we'll post it. The laugh line is Banks' describing Holt as a tax-and-spender on account of a one vote for a little tax to pay for pre-K education in Arkansas. We believe we saw in the paper the other day that Holt had repented of this singular instance of sanity in his long "service" in the legislature.

This attack ad might be a way to close the gap with Holt in the Republican primary. (Though we're not so sure.) But we wouldn't want to be looking for crossover Democratic votes on the platform: "I'm nuttier than Jim Holt."

We've put text of one ad on the jump.

I am Chuck Banks and I paid for and authorized this message: (female voice follows)

Lt Gov Candidate Jim Holt has a bad habit of making promises and then doing just  the opposite and usually at taxpayers' expense.  Holt says the state shouldn't be educating our children and is opposed to Pre-K programs. But in the 01 legislative session Senator Holt voted for millions in new taxes that funded new Pre-K programs.  While raising cain about the waste in state government Holt didn't even show up for a  Senate Committee hearing that voted to spend $186,000 taxpayer dollars to renovate senate offices including his own.  Now Jim Holt says he wants to use the Lt. Governor's office to push his own personal agenda  and make the position full time.   And how much will that cost us, Mr. Holt?  There is just no way we can afford Jim Holt's taxing, spending, and self serving ways.  Jim Holt:  Promise maker; promise breaker.

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