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It's Huckabee Day at Wonkette



Two additonal new posts on Wonkette. The first one:

We’ve blogged about Governor Mike Huckabee’s media meltdown, as well as the rumor — now somewhat confirmed — that his daughter Sarah has moved back to Arkansas to help raise funds for his 2008 presidential run.

But we haven’t yet touched upon what has been getting Governor Huckabee the most MSM attention today: the initiative that he and Bill Clinton just announced, under which many soft drink makers will remove their high-calorie beverages from schools around the country. ...

Sounds like a sure PR winner for Huckabee, right? Well, maybe not. After the jump, check out some interesting information provided to us by a caffeine-free Democratic operative.

We'd add that the Arkansas Times recently reported that PepsiCo. contributed to Huckabee's HealthyAmerica PAC during the last reporting period.

The second one concerns Sarah Huckabee's page on Facebook, with some choice comments from her friends.

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