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Huckabee: 'Not presidential' & 'Wanker'



The New Republic's blog says Gov. Mike Huckabee's action against us -- and the defensive rant he posted today on his government website -- is "not exactly presidential."


Two weeks ago, the office of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee stopped providing routine press information, like e-mails of news releases and notices of general press availabilities, to a local independent weekly called The Arkansas Times, apparently in retaliation for the paper's persistent criticism. Not surprisingly, the Times suggested it would consider legal action to restore access to these publicly funded services.

What's surprising is that, this week, the governor's office responded with a semi-coherent rant about ... well, about what isn't entirely clear. But suffice it to say that Huckabee has an awful lot of bile stored up for a publication he doesn't even consider a "legitimate newspaper." You've really got to read the whole thing to appreciate how unhinged he sounds. The tone is not exactly what the political pros refer to as "presidential."

In related news, Atrios names Huckabee "Wanker of the Day" on his widely-read national blog.

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