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The Huckster and us



U.S. News drops in an item about The Huckster's exclusion of the Arkansas Times from the office media e-mail list.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a likely 2008 GOP presidential hopeful, has never been a fan of the Arkansas Times. And why should he be? "We have been very critical of him," says Editor Max Brantley. But now it's payback time. Brantley says the guv has stopped E-mailing releases and schedules to the popular tabloid. "A guy who has a hard time with a throwaway mag," says Brantley, "will have a heck of a time in the national spotlight. He ain't royalty." Right back at you, says Huckabee. "We don't have to hand-deliver information with a bow tie on it," he says. "That's special treatment." Anyway, most of the info is on his state website. "I guess he is too lazy to access it," says the guv. It won't end with name-calling--Brantley's considering suing.

Note that little word "most." It's not the same as "all." The critical issue here is press conference notice. We don't get it. It's not on the website. Others get it.

And speaking of strange bedfellows: The Club for Growth, a conservative, anti-tax group of very wealthy folks, is arching an eyebrow at The Huckster over his spat with us. The Club for Growth has been calling Huckabee a liberal for free spending on government programs in Arkansas. It mentioned his decision to blackball us in an item that begins:

The Wacky Adventures of Mike Huckabee

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is doing some weird things lately. First, he’s doing rice commercials. That’s right, rice. From a news report:

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will promote the versatility and nutritional benefits of rice during a 60-second radio spot to air in central Arkansas. In the radio spot, Huckabee tells consumers about research showing rice eaters have healthier diets than non-rice eaters, the Dietary Guidelines recommendation to eat six servings of grains each day and how rice can be combined with other healthy foods.

Also, it appears that Huckabee’s office will not recognize the Arkansas Times as a news organization.

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