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An interested party sends us a note on Maumelle City Council on an AT&T proposal to install internet protocal TV there as an alternative to cable. His report:

 Maumelle city council just passed an ordinance that allows the deployment of IPTV.  AT&T will pay Maumelle a fee for each customer so that the agreement at worst is revenue neutral [presumably against lost cable TV franchise taxes].  The agreement did not include a build-out mandate.  Maumelle is the first city in AR to adopt an ordinance.  Negotiations are currently ongoing with officials in Little Rock and NLR. 

Competition for cable and dish from a lightning-fast broadband phone link? We're listening. Maumelle Councl vote was 7-0. Charter Cable, the local (much maligned) provider, didn't bother to appear to protest what was clearly a done deal.

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