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Even with 8 percent tuition increases ...



.... The Morning News reports:

University of Arkansas faculty members receive some of the lowest pay in the Southeastern Conference.

Paying its faculty at a rate ninth out of the 11 public universities in its athletic conference hinders Arkansas’ ability to recruit and retain the best faculty and also leads to low morale, university and faculty leaders said.

The university also gives smaller paychecks than most of the universities in neighboring states, according to an annual survey by the American Association of University Professors.

We now call on Jay Greene, the Walton-endowed professor of union-busting, tax-cutting and school vouchers at Walton U., to explain how we've already thrown enough money at education.

The article lacks a critical point: How the UA compares with SEC counterparts in really important stuff like football and basketball coaching salaries. Pretty well, we understand.


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