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Murray Waas of National Journal has more reporting that suggests Karl Rove is in greater jeopardy from the Fitzgerald grand jury. Think Progress summarizes.

Coincidentally, Murray called us yesterday to commiserate over the news that Gov. Huckabee had declared the Arkansas Times illegitimate and thus undeserving of routine, publicly financed media services. (Our lawyer has written a letter; the matter is proceeding.)

The governor has not said why he took this step. Murray wondered if perhaps the accumulation of Huckabee grievances included the award-winning free-lance piece Murray did for us in 2002 on Huckabee's involvement in the release of the rapist, killer and soon-to-be-murderer-again Wayne Dumond. (Here it is for those who'd like a refresher.) We'd guess the answer is yes. Murray, it happens, has been threatening a return to Arkansas to follow up another promising lead about the governor if he ever gets time. Gven his success at piercing the skulduggery of the Bush administration, we're confident Murray could find out when the Huckster holds his news conferences. We're confident, too, that Murray will be watching with interest for the National Journal when the guv enters the presidential derby. Small world, eh?

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