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Heckuva job Asa!



The Democratic Party, with help in Congress, spotlights the administration's poor performance on port security. And who is directly responsible for not getting that job done?

Who else!!!!! The Republican candidate for governor of Arkansas.

You can read the news release yourself on the jump.

Legislation to require the Department of Homeland Security to develop a port security plan, a failure of former Undersecretary for Transportation and Border Security Asa Hutchinson, is being considered today in Congress.


“Congress is going to have to close the back door Asa Hutchinson left open for terrorist attack,” Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Jason Willett said.  “Lobbyist Asa Hutchinson personally accepted the responsibility of implementing the recommendation of the 9/11 Commission to write a comprehensive national strategy for transportation security and failed.  Now, a year after he left his post, Congress has to come in and clean up his mess.”


During an August 2004 Senate hearing, Hutchinson made a commitment to Republican Senator Olympia Snowe to implement two specific recommendations of the 9/11 Commission – to write a comprehensive national strategy for transportation security, and passenger pre-screening. But when the 9/11 Commission issued its progress report and scorecard, it reported a “D” on improving the screening of checked bags and cargo.


The House Homeland Security Committee is considering the Lungren-Harman bill (HR 4954) that would develop a plan for installing radiation-detection equipment at every U.S. port and establish procedures for restoring commerce in the event of a terrorist attack.  The legislation is co-sponsored by Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry (D-Gillett).

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