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Following up from yesterday



Regarding yesterday's final two blog items:

1.) Fox News anchor Tony Snow was indeed named White House press secretary this morning.

2.) Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Mike Hathorn says he will go ahead and file an official complaint today with the Arkansas Ethics Commission against his opponent Bill Halter. In his latest press release, issued late last night, Hathorn says:

I am disappointed in Mr. Halter’s refusal to directly address the issues at hand.  These are legitimate questions, and they deserve legitimate answers, not a quick dismissal coupled with an attack on my character. ... Since Mr. Halter did not deny any of the allegations against him or offer any further explanations, I will move forward in filing an official complaint with the Arkansas Ethics Commission tomorrow.

UPDATE: Halter's spokesman, Bud Jackson, responds to the latest development:

If it's Wednesday, it must be Mike Hathorn saying 'Bill Halter clubs baby seals.' Rather than focus on issues important to Arkansans, Mike Hathorn would rather demonstrate a lack of maturity and substance while representing all that is wrong with politics today.  His behavior hurts the Democratic Party and his failure to talk about issues does a disservice to our state.  Voters will recognize and reject this as little more than a losing candidate waging a desperate last-minute smear attack.

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