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Slacker Saturday



Apologies to all for the light duty. I'm on vacation in San Francisco where the sun is shining, the temp is in the 50s, the Ferry Termainl is overflowing with produce at the farmers market and petrale sole beckons at a fish house down the street from our hotel. Warwick is busy at the Literary Festival. What say some readers who've attended some sessions file a few reports?

Arkansas angles are few out here. Pharaoh Sanders, who has Arkansas roots, played a concert at Grace Cathedral last night, but it was sold out. We were able to enjoy only the crowd streaming in.

We noted the NY Times had an interesting article this morning on a small village in Illinois that gave a tax break to lure a Wal-Mart. Now Wal-Mart is apparently planning to pull out and take a fourth of the village's tax revenue in the process. It's building a Supercenter in another city nearby. Another illustration about the myth of retail equating growth. It can poach business from one market, or another store in town, and move it elsewhere, but add value to existing demand? Nah. And, invariably, the market will dictate locations and investments and retailers will go where they can maximize profits. If you think this is another tiresome reminder of the folly of believing malls amount to economic development (at least in terms of justifying statewide subsidies for these deals), you're right.

But enough of that. I'm out of here. The line is open. 

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