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Huck's slush fund -- UPDATED



Stephens Media's Washington bureau joins us in tracking The Huckster's Virginia-based slush fund, otherwise known as the Healthy America PAC (we got the name wrong in the initial post). Nominally set up to allow him to raise money to support political candidates, it so far has supported only The Huckster and pay for a D.C. consultant's travels as far afield as Kirby, Ark., within range of The Huckster's lake abode. (The PAC did make one contribution we noted a while back to Jim Lagrone, the GOP candidate for secretary of state CORRECTION: this contribution was from Huck's CLAPAC, not his Health America PAC). The Huck's latest quarterly report included the likes of a $2,700 dinner he held at a Washington restaurant to oil up reporters for his coming presidential candidacy. $2,700 for 13 people? $200 per head? Somebody must have sipped a little cocktail or three to run the bill that high. Is that a healthy choice? Better question -- did a dozen reporters really allow The Huckster to throw such a spread on them? Best they not write in the future about his penchant for accepting freebies.

UPDATE: Go here to peruse The Huckster's latest quarterly filing yourself. We note some big licks -- $10,000 from a computer software vendor, Aztec Software Associates, and $10,000 each from three oil and gas exploration companies in Fort Lauderdale, Bamco, and FEQ Gas and Maverick O&G, that bear a little more inspection. (A quick SEC search shows the energy outfits are related and, among others, are exploring the Fayetteville shale in Arkansas.) Also noted: $5,000 from the A Secure America PAC in Fort Smith (an Asa! slush fund PAC) and a token $1,000 from Impact Management, the political consulting outfit run by former state GOP director Richard Bearden. The Huckster, who has declined to back totally throwing soft drink vendors off school campuses in Arkansas, also got $1,000 from Pepsico.

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