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Disturbing the peace at Greers Ferry



According to the Sierra Club of Arkansas, the Army Corps of Engineers is issuing a permit to allow ocean powerboat racing on Greers Ferry Lake over the objections of residents.

That's pretty disappointing, considering one of the best things about Greers Ferry Lake always has been its relative serenity. There are as many sailboats out there as motor boats, and there is not nearly as much noise or activity as on Lake Hamilton, for instance.

From the Sierra Club press release:

“Ocean powerboat racing is dangerous, noisy, and disruptive to the quiet enjoyment of Greers Ferry Lake,” said Chyenne Morning Star, spokesperson for The Committee for the Preservation of Greers Ferry Lake.  “What we’re talking about is allowing ocean powerboats to race on Greers Ferry at nearly 200 miles per hour.  I don’t live in this area to listen to the deafening noise of ocean powerboats, and neither do the nearly five hundred people who’ve signed our petition against allowing the races.”

In addition to ignoring the wishes of hundreds of local residents and their representatives, the Corps of Engineers has also flatly refused a request to conduct an Environmental Impact Study before granting the racing permit.  The negative environmental effects of ocean powerboat racing on the wildlife, shoreline, and water of Greers Ferry Lake is unknown.

Morningstar concluded by saying, “This permit was issued without respecting the wishes of local residents and with no study at all of the environmental impact to beautiful Greers Ferry Lake.  We urge the Corps of Engineers to rescind this permit, respect the wishes of local residents, and do their homework before risking our waterway.”

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