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Beebe's response on tax votes



A power outage apparently prevented Mike Beebe's campaign from promptly responding to yesterday's blog item about the state Republican Party's attack on Beebe's legislative tax votes.

Here is the statement Beebe spokesman Zac Wright sent to us:

This cartoonish attack is nothing more than a desperate response by the Hutchinson camp to Mike Beebe’s lead in the governor’s race.  What choice do they have in the face of today’s fundraising and poll numbers that show Mike Beebe’s continued lead.

First of all, these numbers are misleading.  They are a cumulative total of all the taxes collected by the state over two decades.

Now, let’s put this Washington-style, negative attack in perspective.  Ninety-five cents out of every dollar Mr. Reed is talking about goes to education, health and human services and putting and keeping criminals behind bars. If Mr. Reed or Mr. Hutchinson wants to pick this fight, they should tell us which murderer or rapist they would let out of prison, which Arkansas child shouldn’t be educated and which Arkansas senior should be thrown of the nursing home.

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