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Lt. gov. anyone? (UPDATE)



Democrat Mike Hathorn isn't smiling at the moment. He says opponent Bill Halter has gone negative on him. See extended comments for the slightly hazy details. Halter people? Response?

UPDATE: Bud Jackson, Halter's campaign spokesman, said his response is, "Not true."

Hathorn's press release is copied after the jump.

Halter breaks campaign promise, goes negative on Hathorn

Just over a month ago, when Bill Halter switched from the Governor’s race to the Lieutenant Governor’s race, he stated the reason for the switch was his aversion to negative campaign tactics. “Halter said his main reason for quitting the race was concern that he would be forced to attack Beebe to be successful in the primary. That, Halter said, was "unacceptable." "I have been told by people whose judgment I trust that if I want to win the Democratic nomination for governor, that I must wage an attack-style campaign against Mike Beebe," Halter said.” – Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Jake Bleed, March 10, 2006.

Bill Halter has broken his promise of not going negative on other opponents by attacking Mike Hathorn.

An out-of-state telemarketing firm has been calling Arkansas voters under the guise of conducting a political survey.  The caller asks if the person is following the race for Lieutenant Governor in Arkansas.  They then ask if the person knows the name Bill Halter, and if they have seen any television ads for Halter.  After this, the caller tells the person pro-Halter points.  The caller then asks about the name Mike Hathorn, and then launches into a series of statements attacking Mike Hathorn’s character.

“What Mr. Halter is doing is wrong.  Not only has he broken his word by engaging in the same tactics he said were unacceptable a month ago, he is also doing a disservice to the voters of Arkansas by hiring out-of-state telemarketers to harass them in their homes.  They even called my parents home, and hung up on my mother when they found out who she was” Hathorn stated.

“If Mr. Halter has a problem with my record or my character, there are proper venues to discuss them, but I believe the Arkansas electorate deserves better than what Mr. Halter has chosen,” Hathorn went on to say.

One recipient of the calls, Jo West Taylor, Garland County Treasurer, is available for comment, and her contact information is available upon request.

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