Only one month into 2009 and already 7 of my 11 predictions have come true! You can verify my veracity by checking my "2009 Predictions" post, below. 64% -- barreling toward another perfect 100% record!

("Veracity" is my vocabulary builder Word of the Month. Key: you don't have to know what your Word of the Month means . . . just its part of speech, and use it constantly in sentences. "Veracity" happens to be a noun. So it works in Chenal as well as Stuttgart. "That veracity is REALLY flattering!" "Has anybody ever told you you have a beautiful veracity?" "Mind if I have a sip of your veracity?" See? It's all good.)

What's NOT good is what I'm seeing in my crystal ball. Arkansas Times Bloggers are simply DISMISSING my RED DOT!


NONE of you have printed, cut out and laminated my Razorback Red Dot. Nor are you carrying it on your persons to guarantee materialization of your fondest dream in 2009!

Why, it's almost as if you doubt my veracity!

It will ONLY work if it's in a pocket or near your body or under your pillow, or all three, and you focus once or more per day upon your fondest dream!

I peer deeply into my crystal, yet suffer the heartbreak of derision! I've poured all my love and the powerful psychic energies of the Universe into my Red Dot. Yet I see the laughter, the ridicule, the scorn, the middle finger.


Stop! In the name of Love!

Print my Red Dot! Cut it out! Laminate it! Wear it! Place it 'neath your pillow! Focus on it once a day.


Nobody but YOU will know!

I promise you . . . your Dream is just around the corner . . . even if you only treat it as a game.

My Red Dot works.

So it is given.

So it is done.

Trust my veracity.

In a nice way, as always . . .


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