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Now that America’s Presidential voting has ended, YOUR voting has just begun!


Of course, we’re talking about your voting on bloggers’ “Caption This” entries for this suitable-for-framing portrait.




The winning A-T Blogger’s caption receives a fabulous autographed wall-plaque from the Arkansas Times and, more importantly, ME! For REALZ!


How to vote? Just visit the entries at:


to read our bloggers’ captions (plus a moving and vivid description of your once-in-a-lifetime cherished prize, idiot-proof rules, and how-to-collect-your-plaque instructions when you win).


Highlight your favorite caption from the above link, then copy and paste it right here in “Comments,” below, for the world to see.


I PERSONALLY will tabulate your votes whilst sipping Drambuie in a silk lilac Dior robe and curlers in Chenal. One vote per screen-name. Everybody’s vote will be visible so don’t even THINK about cheating.


You have 24 hours – till midnight Wednesday – to vote for your favorite caption.


Winner will be announced Thursday!


When I get around to it.




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