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ALL ALONE? . . .


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Here’s Nobel Prize Winning President Barack Obama (offspring of an interracial marriage that was illegal, for “traditional” “religious” bigotry, in mostly southern states when he was born), addressing the Human Rights Campaign yesterday in 2009, on minority (LGBT) equality in America.




Yep. He’s alone up there. DOMA, DADT? Be patient, Razorgaybies. You, your families, your friends, your mates, shall overcome . . . "some"-fucking-day.


The Nobel Prize Winning President’s “reason” for not lifting a finger on his hollow campaign promises to LGBT Americans? More of this:




WHY (it turns out after his election) does Obama NOT support gay equality? “As a matter of Christian principle, he has said,” quoth the NYT.



“Welcome to Wal-Mart. Burquas? Aisle 4, honey.”



Look. I’m glad it’s Obama instead of Bush / Cheney redux too.


Maybe Obama’s got a secret plot to let Republicans hang themselves as the Obstructionist Party and the Party of No during the first half of Obama’s administration. Let them show their cards by offering NO solutions on every issue: just bratty (dangerously well-armed and Godly-motivated, but still bratty) nihilism.


Maybe that’s Obama’s subtle, sober, plan all along. Once the Republican Party bottoms-out and the loving American Family intervenes to enroll them in a long-term 12-Step lockdown at Betty Ford, Democrats will demonstrate actual leadership and DO something. ACHIEVE something. Like Social Security and Medicare and the Civil Rights Act in days of yore.


Until that day when Obama’s and the Democrats’ brilliant secret scheme is finally unleashed, thereby regaining America’s crowned position as Leader of the (Truly) Free World, there’s always this:




Call it woman’s intuition, but I’m all hinky about Obama and the Democrats. There’s a bad joke in here somewhere involving hot-air, balloons, pilots and “Blow Me,” but I’m not going there.


Because equality for all adult Americans, free from state-sponsored religious bigotry, regardless of which party’s administration is in charge, is no joke.



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