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(Parts I - V in sequence . . . scroll down or JUMP to PART II or PART III or PART IV or PART V . . . it's so difficult keeping up with rapidly changing developments when you're clean and sober.)


Guy with a malignant brain tumor visits his neurosurgeon at the Mayo Clinic, who explains, “We’ll be using intraoperative MRI to make sure we get all of the – “


“No, no,” guy interrupts. “None of this new age crap. They did brain surgery 2,000 years ago and that’s good enough for me!”






Guy with a malignant soul condition visits a renowned spiritual counselor who explains, “We’ve made so many compelling discoveries through the millennia about how the mind / body / spirit connection works holistically that I know we can – “


“Oh no you don’t!” guy interrupts. “None of that new age crap. God spoke once, 2,000 years ago and that’s that.”






Something’s wrong with both those scenarios.


No sane person in contemporary civilized societies insists on 2,000 year old medical techniques to treat and cure physical disease.


With spiritual disease the reverse is true: the majority stubbornly cling to ancient unchanging myths and superstitions, vehemently reject ever-evolving spiritual discoveries and enlightenment, insist on the equivalent of primitive witch-doctors to heal the world’s increasingly complex socio-political ills.


It’s not hard to pinpoint the sudden (and artificial) “split” between science and religion. Prior to Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press around 1450, science and religion were one in the same since prehistoric cave-dwellers (who, yes, performed primitive brain surgery).


Physicians treated the soul simultaneously with the physical body. Monumental architectural achievements like the pyramids and the sphinx were designed and constructed according to Sacred Cosmic Geometry. Physics, matter and spirit were one. All was “God” and “God” was all. Even Gutenberg’s technological invention had a religious component (Google it).


All knowledge resided in High Priests, secret initiation rites, and privilege. THEY were “educated” and “literate” hence powerful. Everybody else was not, and at their mercy.


Suddenly, Bibles were printed, not hand-copied by monks. It was fought by the Church which correctly perceived unprecedented mass distribution of secret Holy Texts would inspire further education and individual literacy, exposing previously concealed contradictions within Holy Scripture and undermining authority.


Knowledge, literacy, information and facts immediately became threats to religious / political power at the same time they birthed the educational and scientific revolution that presently continues, thanks to Gutenberg and print.


Then came the global explosion of information and commerce via the internet, which broke through with ARPANET in the late ‘60s.




Information is no longer confined to High Priests or print distribution: it’s available virtually instantly at the speed of light, at anybody’s desk or cell phone.


Mass availability of facts and information, and accountability, has never been more threatening to the global religious / political power structure than now.


Never more exciting.


Nor, really, ever more appropriate for discussion here than during this ancient celebration of the Vernal Equinox which Christians call Easter.


This holy day (holiday), dating back at least 5,600 years, represents the annual  eternal “triumph” of Illumination over Darkness. From now through the Autumnal Equinox, days are longer than nights. Life over Death. Change over Stasis.


Science vs. Religion, a consideration of War and Power, this week’s historic ruling for same-sex equality in Iowa and why its implications are so enormous – for good and / or ill -- for the future of America and the world.


Gays, Guns and Gods.


What’s to come?


It’s all here, if you wish – with links -- between now and Easter Sunday.





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