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The Tom Cotton WLFITU Edition

Posted by Lindsey Millar on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 4:54 PM

Arkansas Times Week in Review Podcast image

Dustin McDaniel's big apology, ethics reform, the coming legislative session, Tom Cotton WLFITU and the latest on the tech park—all covered on this week's edition of the podcast.

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The only possible way to make Tom Cotton look good is to have him stand beside Beth Anne Rankin. And that's a really low bar. (It's not a compliment in other words.)

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Posted by Just Wondering on 01/11/2013 at 5:10 PM

As long as Dustin, Andi and Bobbi are in the news, they're happy!

So, one more time:

Sociopaths are infamous for their acting skills. They’ve practiced them all their lives. Trust me (or Google it).

In Tinseltown, where faking sincerity is an honorable profession, I know all about it. (Though Stella Adler once said, “You can be as phony as you like, OFFSTAGE: but NEVER on.”)

The Reward for sociopaths, as for most criminals, is the adrenalin rush from getting away with (or trying to) cheating people and society in one form or another. A mea culpa Press Conference, often accompanied by references to God, is at the top of the performance art list.

Dustin McDaniel cheated on his first wife with his current second wife. Never forget that she is ALSO a cheater. So this game is equally exciting to both, by definition. (So is the on-camera performance for their willing and eager public.)

Forgiveness is easy. Forgetting is stupid.

From other comments, it appears your Dustin (and his suit-happy father) has been grandstanding all his life. There is no reason to suppose he has or will stop. Cheating is addictive, until one bottoms out and seeks rehab.

Before some bozo compares McDaniel to President Clinton (virtually inevitable), recall several points.

1) There are always exceptions that prove the rule.

2) Bill Clinton, unlike Dustin McDaniel, is a highly accomplished man: third youngest President; Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Georgetown University; Rhodes Scholar and Oxford University attendee.

3) Will Bill Clinton be remembered as one of the greatest Presidents ever? “While he’s not there yet, it’s trending strongly in that direction.”

4) Neither Bill Clinton nor his wife, Hillary, sought a divorce because of his philandering. Unlike McDaniel, they’ve long since proved they took their For Better Or For Worse commitment seriously (eliciting rage among many, who prefer ratings-driven Reality TV Drama to adult sanity, perspective and maturity).

5) Clinton’s wife is equally accomplished: a lawyer and Secretary of State. (She accurately—and publicly—nailed the “vast right-wing conspiracy” before anybody else, back in the day, to the media’s acute discomfort.)

By comparison, Dustin McDaniel and the cast in this tawdry Arkansas spectacle (including Andi Davis, who from previous A-T threads seems more qualified for Secretary of Sluts than for a reputable law practice) is pissed at (so far) missing her Big Drama public payoff. Still, she whines on gamely.

“I feel hamstrung by the legal complexities that exist in my life at this juncture as they prevent me from speaking freely.”

“Being patient and waiting for the prudent time to release my truth is extremely taxing.”

Not “the” truth: her truth.

"I'm disappointed. I'm frustrated with the form, manner and content presented by Dustin."

On and on, these trashy wannabes stretch out their fifteen minutes of fame in vain hopes of signing a Trifecta Entertainment deal.

Or a Governorship.

“Hicks in Heat.”

Call Hank to set up a pitch meeting at (323) 850-3000 or email him at or drop him a line at:

Trifecta Entertainment
3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Suite 595
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Tell him Norma sent you.

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Posted by Norma Bates on 01/11/2013 at 5:35 PM

Norma, I know this isn't exactly appropriate and I hope it won't cause offense. Please take it in the right spirit: I love you. (In the same way I love DBI, eLwood, Mountaingirl, outlier, CBB, Jake, Vanessa, Verla, jim, etc. etc.)

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Posted by Yellowdogdaughter on 01/11/2013 at 5:58 PM


Love is never offensive, and coming from you I know it's sincere. THANK you!

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Posted by Norma Bates on 01/12/2013 at 8:52 AM
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